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tv   Campaign 2020 Andrew Yang in Manchester NH  CSPAN  February 12, 2020 3:48am-3:59am EST

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we are going to win maryland. i got your email. i changed what you pointed out. thank you so much. thank you. >> andrew yang ended his presidential campaign. mr. yang made that announcement before supporters in manchester. ♪
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mr. yang: hello, new hampshire. how are you? thank you so much for being here. i want to give a special thank you to my rock, my wife. she has been with us every step of the way. new hampshire and everyone who has supported this campaign, thank you for everything you have done to make this campaign possible over these past months. you all have uplifted me and inspired me and evelyn at every turn. your passion and energy, your donations, and hundreds of thousands of hours calling, volunteering, your enthusiasm,
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dedication, and commitment. we have accomplished so much together. [cheering] we have brought a message of humanity first and a vision of the economy and society that works for millions of fellow americans. we went from a mailing list that started with just my gmail contacts list to receiving donations from over 400,000 people around the country and millions more who have supported this campaign. [cheering] one of the things i am most proud of, we gave a thousand dollars a month to 13 families around the country. [cheering] including one right here in new hampshire. we highlighted the real
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problems in our communites as transformeds being automation.yes by americans now know that if you go to a factory in michigan, you do not find wall-to-wall immigrants doing work. you find robots. we talked about the fourth industrial revolution. this is a topic no one wanted to touch until we made it happen. universal basic income has become part of the mainstream conversation. we increased it's popular democrats 66% of
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voters 18-34. eradicationed the of poverty. that is thanks to all of you are here tonight. tonight is not the outcome we fought so hard to achieve. it is bitterly dissapointing for be. of us, but it shouldn't many people told me, your campaign helped me out of the depression. thank you. working on this campaign has made me a better person.
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i met my significant other because of you. your campaign brought my family together. your campaign got me excited about politics for the first time. i am so proud of this campaign and what we are cops together. we have touched and improved millions of lives and moved this country we love so much in the right direction. you know i am the math guy. it is clear tonight from the numbers that we are not going to win this race. i am not someone who wants to
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accept donations and support in a race we will not win. i am suspending my campaign for president. >> we love you, andrew! yang: i love you too. chants of "andrew yang!" mr. yang: thank you so much, new hampshire. i love you, too. this is not an easy decision. endings are hard. i always have the intention to stay in this phrase until the very end. i have been persuaded that the message of this campaign will not be strengthened by staying in any longer. this is not an ending. this is a beginning. [cheering]
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this is just the starting line. this campaign has awakened something fundamental in our country and and ourselves. this movement has outlasted over a dozen senators governors, and members of congress to become the most exciting force in the race. we have fundamentally shifted the politics of this country. and we are only beginning to grow. i would like to thank my incredible staff and people who left their lives and jobs to
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build this campaign. many people join this campaign because they thought it would be a good career move. thank you. thank you to my team. michael when i first started running was to serve the problems -- solve the problems that got donald trump elected. i will support whoever is the democratic nominee. [cheering] that said, i hope this campaign can be a message and a word of caution to guidance to my democratic colleagues that donald trump is not the problem. diseasesymptom of a that has been building up in our communities for years. we must cure the disease that got him elected. to do that, we must address the real problems that affect our people and offer solutions to
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solve them. [cheering] i stand before you tonight to say although we did not win this election, we are just getting started. this is the beginning. this movement is the future of american politics. this movement is the future of the democratic party. [cheering] >> chants of 2024! 2024! mr. yang: this wave is just beginning and will continue to
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build and grow. [cheering] thank to each and every person who made this campaign possible. i love and appreciate everyone of you. being your candidate has been the privilege of my life. together, we will continue to do the work and move this country forward. the yang gang is not going anywhere. [cheering] we will be back soon. in the meantime, thank you all. god bless theand united states of america. thank you so much. ♪
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>> colorado senator michael bennett ended his presidential campaign and new hampshire. here are his remarks. [cheering] n.


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